Are you ready to be set apart?

Are you ready to be set apart?

Welcome to a one-of-a-kind branding session that will change your business from the inside out. A branding experience like no other tailored specifically to your brand's needs and your greatest dreams. 




it's time for change



Do your business struggle in a market saturated with competition that all looks the same? Do you struggle to find ways to set yourself apart and help your ideal clients see why working with you would be different than what your competitors have to offer? That's where the Katie McLeod Branding Experience comes in. My passion is helping other small businesses create strategic marketing content through branding photos. Together we create powerful storylines that draw in your dream clients, and allow you to get back to doing whatever it is you do best. 

Your business has the opportunity to reach it's full potential with customized images that share a story, help your ideal clients understand your why, and connect with you on a personal level.

And as soon as they have envisioned what is possible, you are going to make sure they know that you were once in their shoes. You're going to break down all of the frustrations in the next section.


Ready to give your brand the makeover it deserves?

 It had been well over a year that I had taken professional photos and was seeking an update for social media and my website. What I was most impressed with is Katie's communication and initial planning session where we spent an hour dreaming and brainstorming of ideas for photos. She even took the time to line up a beautiful kitchen which was super important to me since I'm a registered dietitian and food is a huge part of my career and teaching clients. 

— Katie Newton - Registered Dietition/nutritionist

"I had the best experience working with Katie for my branding session."

I understand feeling frustrated because your brand feels mismatched, it lacks cohesion, and most importantly, doesn't tell a story. But I'm here to tell you right now, it doesn't have to stay that way! This dream of yours that you have spent countless hours investing in deserves to be showcased! It is my passion to do that through a series of photos that help tell the story of your brand and of YOU. 

I know exatly how you feel and I'm here to help

One day I realized that people don't simply book you for your product or service, but because of the face behind the brand 

but guess what...

A collection of images for your brand that make your ideal client  instantly want to be a part of whatever you are offering. Photos that showcase your greatest strengths, your story, a peak into the behind the scenes of your business, and the WHY behind why you started your business. 


Katie mcleod branding sessions

You share your heart behind your business, your vision, and goals you have for branding session. I'll send you an in-depth questionnaire, and it'll help us get down to your greatest wants and needs for your brand, which will help us begin to strategize for your session. From there, we'll move onto the next step!

Every session is different, because no person is the same! Just like you feel amazing in a pair of jeans that feel like they were made for you, that is how your branding session should feel! That's why each session is tailored to your specific needs. Together  we'll discuss goals and dreams for your brand, upcoming launches or celebrations, and content you feel you're lacking for your business. We'll talk through many layers of your business to ensure the content we'll be capturing is purposeful and practical for your brand's needs.

I will then create a mood board, and we will begin discussing location, outfit selections, and other details to make sure that your session goes smoothly!

Let's talk about the details

You inquire


S t e p   o n e  

s t e p   t w o  

You did it! The planning, the work, and now you get to SHARE fresh photographs for your brand to attract your ideal client! Who doesn't want that? After every branding session, I suggest popping a bottle of champagne, because you've just made one of the most important investments in your business and it deserves to be celebrated! Congratulations, YOU DID IT! 

time to celebrate!

s t e p    f o u r

Your session will include whatever we decide your brand needs. Whether you need updated head shots, candids of you in your work environment, or an entire brand refresh, your session will be completely customized to your needs. If you're in need of photos for social media, your website, email ads, marketing materials, or upcoming launches, we will plan how to execute those and maximize your content for your various needs. You'll receive a collection of custom images to your brand that you will be able to use across whatever platforms you choose.


What will we shoot?

S t e p   t h r e e 

Ready for some info?

Filling your calendar with dream clients who are eager to work with you 

How does this sound?

Creating a circle of loyal followers who engage with your content regularly



Some changes you can expect to see after your branding session 

forgetting imposter syndrome, and Feeling confident about the content you are putting out into the world 


immediately elevating the look of your brand with cohesive images that will help boost sales    


Showcase your personality and the things that set you aside from your competition


YES, I'M in!


How It Works

You share your goals and your vision for your business. You'll then answer a thorough questionnaire to help us both to be on the same page and create purposeful images.

You inquire

We begin creating a plan for your session & go through overall brand location, color palette, outfit, and what messages we want to convey through your photos.

Planning session

After lots of planning, it's finally time to execute and to capture photos that will take your brand to a whole new level & catch the attention of your dream clients! 


"If you are on the fence about investing in your business don't hesitate to reach out to Katie! You will be SO glad you did!"


Kind words


She made me feel VERY comfortable and COMPLETELY prepared for our session.

- Abby

Kind words


I can't recommend Katie enough and can't wait to book my next session with her!

I had the best experience working with Katie for my branding session...What I was most impressed with is Katie's communication and initial planning session where we spent an hour dreaming and brainstorming of ideas for photos. I know I have enough content to last me several months and I'm excited for how many clients I'll be able to reach and help through my efforts with social media marketing with these beautiful photos. 


Updated website and social media

What others are saying

I'm not sure I can fit all of my raving reviews for Katie into just a few sentences but I'll certainly try! In short, Katie is PHENOMENAL!!

Katie recently photographed a branding session for my small business and she made me feel so comfortable. Katie is kind, friendly, professional, organized, and incredibly detail-oriented. The entire process of working with Katie was a fun and memorable experience. I don't typically love being in front of the camera, but Katie made me look and feel so confident.


refreshed her website

She made me feel VERY comfortable and COMPLETELY prepared for our session.

I did a branding session with Katie and I cannot recommend her enough. We meet before the actual shoot to brainstorm ideas and for her to get to know me a little better. It made a HUGE difference and her turnaround time to get the photos back was super quick. She was very professional, polite, and personable and I cannot recommend her enough!


defined her brand

Let's face it, the world is better with small businesses. Part of being an entrepreneur is feeling like you're filling every role yourself, and holding all the glass balls can get a little overwhelming. Sometimes you just have to focus on your greatest strengths, then call in reinforcements to help with the other parts just as strong. It would be an honor to be the reinforcements your business needs. Together, we can create beautiful things. Let's do this! 

You have accomplished so much by simply starting your business. imagine if you had a little help creating meaningful images, and all of a sudden, your brand was finally clear, consistent, and concise. 

You're in the right place.

"think of all the possibilities 
if you would just say yes"

— ME, today

Be booking your ideal clients and work that brings high reward — both financially and creatively.

Increasing your average booking per client 

Be able to clearly articulate what you do and who you do it for on demand confidently

Have a clear actionable plan in place for scaling your business and taking things to the next level. 

Know what to post and what to say on Instagram so you can get on with it.

Be able to attract top-tier candidates to join your team and help build your biz.

After investing in branding portraits,
you will...

I'm all in!


Sure, you could put off investing in branding portraits, and just keep doing what you're doing. But something tells me if you've made it this far, your brand is in need of a refresh, your clients need clarity on who you are, your story, and what sets you apart from your competition.
So really, what is holding you back?

If not now, then when?

— another name

"This was the best investment ever!"



"Following that one-liner highlight from your client's testimonial you are going to want to add the entire thing hear to really drive home how awesome people think your course or product is."

— another name

"This program got me my dream clients!"



"Following that one-liner highlight from your client's testimonial you are going to want to add the entire thing hear to really drive home how awesome people think your course or product is."

I'm Katie, your cheerleader, and hype girl

When I'm not helping other small businesses up their branding game, you can find me at brunch, taking long walks with my husband and pups, or trying a new bread recipe in the kitchen. 

more about me

hey there!

Strategic content- say goodbye to the guessing game 

Start working with dream clients, and enjoy your work 

grow your business and charge more for your work. 

Follow a proven roadmap

"You know all those things you've wanted to do? You should do them."
- Lara casey

finally showing up on social media confidently

Attracting your dream clients and working on projects that light you up.

finally having custom, cohesive images that showcase your talents and strengths

No longer playing the guessing game when it comes to instagram - You post with confidence

Freeing up more time to allow you to do the things that make you come alive 

If you want THIS to be the year that you *finally* commit to:

Say no more


Where would I use these photos?

Wherever your brand is lacking images! The most common uses we see are for website, social media, printed packaging for products, and other marking materials.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know which branding session to choose?

After you get in touch, we will discuss your brand's goals over the next few months, and then I will give my best recommendation based off your needs. 

Do you travel?

Absolutely! I love to travel, and would be excited to come to you to capture branding portraits for your business. I would be happy to give you a custom quote for your session based on your location.

What if my house or office isn't ideal for photos?

We can work together and talk about a few alternative venues that would work for your session! 

how far out do you suggest booking?

Usually I book several months out, so please reach out sooner than later so we have enough time to plan and get things finalized before your shoot!

What if I hate being in front of the camera?

A huge part of making a connection with your clients is allowing them to see your face and get to know you as a person. Seeing your face will lead to a deeper loyalty and a human connection, which will lead to more sales for your business! 

shoot me an email

I completely understand! This is an investment in your business, and you should be sure before you jump in! I am more than happy to answer and questions you have, so if you're still a little hesitant, let's talk!  

Still on the fence?